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Default Re: Compression too high.

I here ya bro i dont have a pull start though but even with the clutch pefrectly adjusted and tightend i have to be pedeling real fast to start it or my rear tire just drags lol and i have to let it out slowly so it grabs and slipps a little then catchez if i just dump it the tire qill drag....

I am running a dax f80 (70cc) with a full port and polish and a decked jug with a 70 cc puch hihi head and a thin .4mm copper gasket... She is just over 13:1 static compression chamber volum is only just over 5cc ... Definatly hard to start and i would get rid of the pull starter or get a fred head wirh a decoom valve if you need to keep it for free wheel or auto clutch reasons . A 5.6 fred head with a decomp valve is a good chunk of change though. But you will be at just over 12:1 and it wil be easy to pull start
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