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Default Re: Found a Sweet Engine, What Now?

Originally Posted by Techbiker View Post
Do you have any experience with dual hydraulic setups? I've been considering plumbing front and rear hydraulic disc calipers into one lever assembly or purchasing a dual blade lever.
The only hydraulic brake experience I have is from working on my car, so not a lot of help there.. I honestly hadn't even thought of hydraulics on a bike build.. interesting idea, it could work out.

Originally Posted by wret View Post
That's a great idea! I kicked this around before but was a little concerned that the force required to engage two sets of brakes with one lever might be excessive. I'm going to look into a dual cable kit. I really want to keep my brass levers if I can.
I've used dual levers on my builds since about a week or two after my first one was done. I just found my handlebars too crowded with a clutch lever and both brakes, and I had a little trouble with the 'overlap' of the clutch and brake lever on the left side. The lack of real estate on my beast's bars doesn't help either....

(...and there's a phone holder not shown mounted on there as well now...)


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