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Default Re: Occasional carby leak

Originally Posted by Theon View Post
How level did you get the carb?
Can you post a pick of the carb and inlet manifold please, I may be able to send a better manifold?
Carby is as level as I can get her Theon , I just can't put my thumb on this problem , I've checked the interaction between the tang and the valve arm and it all seems to be fine , but the main issue is I can't diagnose the problem because it only ever happens when I'm out and ripping the carby off in the middle of the street when the problem is happening is least from desirable in my neighbourhood .

The inlet manifold I have on this kit is slightly larger than the regular one and uses Allen key bolts to secure to the head ,it's quite small being only about 1 inch or 3cm long ,the mouth of the inlet is also larger than the regular model and the bolts on it are roughly 4 mm further apart from a regular kit , I've got the manifold inlet you sent me but It won't line up at all , I would have to mill the anchor points at least 4 mm either side to allow it to fit and the same goes for the internal diameter of the inlet

Christ my head is spinning

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