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Unhappy Occasional carby leak

Hey guys ,I seem to have an unusual problem with my carby , I'll star by saying pin and jet clean as a whistle , carby float in great condition , brass tang is in great condition and pin on it is fitted correctly but despite this.......

I keep on occasionally getting major leaks from the carby , for example I took my build to the shops ,no leaks prior to trip , pull up at the shop ,lock her up and get the shopping , come out to the smell of 2stroke , look at belle and she has a pool of fuel underneath her , I tap the carby and she is dripping very badly , she starts and runs well with slight 4stroking when taking off ( I believe from an excess of fuel in the system) ,after this burns off she runs beautiful ,I get home check for the leak and it's gone , which sux coz I can't diagnose the problem when she isn't leaking , it's happened 4or 5 times now and it's driving me nuts

Any ideas as to what the problem is and how I can stop it ,oh I have already bent the tang arms down to slightly lower the fuel level in the carby

Regards Henshooter
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