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Default Re: Intermittent 4 stroking

Ok I found the box ,I looked at the plug itself and it only has Surefire in small letters , the box has these letters and numbers on it RJ2YXLE and states on the box ,high performance plug for 2stroke engines performance garenteed , it has small writing about platinum but can't really read it as I had to go swimming in the trash to get it out + rain and it's kind of soggy and destroyed .
Not sure if it's the correct one I should use but I've done a chop test and it is a beautiful colour and the motor runs relatively cool ,not a single missed fire at all and starting ,she fires up immediately with full accessible throttle ,whereas the other plugs I've tried it takes 2 to 3 minutes for the engine to warm up and it still won't reach full throttle range for at least 5 minutes just putts along until it reaches full speed

The only weird thing I did notice is it's shape and patterns are identical to the stock kit version except the original is called a fire king ,I'm going to try the original kit version to see what it performs like .

Seems weird that a quality Plug won't run the motor well but I suppose nothing is impossible with these motors

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