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Default Re: hands down best mirror

Thank you sir... The frame is a GT2A-S. The truth is When I built it last year I built 2 at once and ordered so much stuff from so many places I really can't remember where I bought it. I think it was Kings, but can't be sure. I paid $169 for it, $182 with shipping. That I do remember. lol
What dimension's do you want I'll measure my frame for you. It uses an American cup bottom set, 1 1/8" stem, and it has horizontal drop outs 135mm wide. I had to buy 180mm rear axils and than make spacers to fit. I'm a machinist and fabricator it was a fun built. The china engine will not fit in the frame. The engine mounts are smaller than the frame tubes. You have to make a choice; buy or make adaptor's, modify the frame, modify the engine mounts, or give up. I chose to modify the engine mounts. Honestly it was the easiest way to go about it. I chucked the entire engine in a power lock vise on a Bridgeport, squared it up and plunged out the front engine mount with a 1.5" end mill. It took about 15 mins. from start to finish. I did the same thing to the rear engine mount (off the engine) and opened it up to 1.25" to fit the rear down tube. Ta da... a perfect fit. I also machined some cool engine mount clamps too. The kit clamps are crap and so are the aluminum replacement clamps you can buy online. I put one on my bike and immediately broke it before I even rode the bike! I have a lot of custom and modified components on my bike. Like I said it was a fun build.

PM me about a complete bicycle / engine kit. Everything you need including those cool custom parts. Here are some pics...
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