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Default Re: $200 kit vs. $600 kit - three times better?

Not to sound like I'm spamming here but because I have a Titan carrier on two bikes with one engine I have to say the Titan kit is more bang for the buck. My 2 stroke went about 2800 miles give or take before it just quit on me on two bikes I believe the bearing went but I've been lazy haven't checked. I have a replacement parts engine so maybe one good afternoon and I'll be feeling that 2 stroke power once again. Cronus has the new chrome carrier and it's all completely stock with a 48 tooth instead of a 44 to help me along on then hills and I have a wheelman wheel in back I can honestly say with a tire kit and some extra bicycle tools that even with my 4500 mile Titan engine if I had a month to do nothing I can ride Cronus cross country without a hitch.
Then there's the Buggy Bike where I'm experimenting on the possibilities with my OLD Titan carrier. I change my gearing here with a jack-shaft sprocket,I move the carrier to the front,find that any wheel diameter will work,having a chain drive means infinite gearing possibilities and now it shifts with an old school 3 speed hub you can still find around if you look and low and behold besides the cost of the original kit,one sprocket from Grainger and the 3 speed hub laced by me to a 20 inch rim and I have a heavy cargo trike that can pull me up the steepest hills and still get me to 35 if I ever feel suicidal.
So the choices are rather clear. Get a China 2 stroke and Pablo's shift kit for 4 Ben Franklins or get the Titan Kit on your trike up front so you can drive off the right side and adopt a 3 speed wheel and get a large jackshaft sprocket for all the gear heads out there for a little bit more unless these parts are actually just laying around. Or get a CVT if you're really crazy I don't have the funds but believe me when I tell you it's way more possible to do on a rack mount than a frame mount.
This is why I love this whole bike engine thing. It keeps me alive!
You have found the fountain of youth. Ride and forever stay young.
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