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Default Alternate 4 cycle 49cc starter options

I have been through my 5th rope starter so far on the same awesome 49cc chinese engine. The engine always works awesomely, but after a while all of the starters all get stuck with the rope out and the mechanism sticky and ineffective. I have tried all types of lubricants on the 5 but nothing has loosened them up. The last one, which I only had a couple of weeks, actually cracked the center of the outer plastic housing when it stopped recoiling, when I was in a hurry to get to work. I had to actually go back to using my car again - humiliated!! I am open to any successful alternatives that folks have come up with to the recoil rope starters. I would appreciate any part numbers and sources for even a bolt on open starter bell I could wrap a rope around without even a slot by wrapping the rope around itself. I fear the problem of that high speed bell grabbing my clothes, but I will try anything. Thanks for whatever. Mainiac Motors, EZMotorbike kit on a Schwinn coaster.
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