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Default Re: $200 kit vs. $600 kit - three times better?

well it varys on who you buy from to tell the truth never buy from ebay and know what you are getting im 100% behind zoom bikes all the way well the kit i am behind is the 48cc kits they are the best get the limited kit will put down 40mph on a stock gear and will last as long as you take care of it they can last up to 2-3yrs

the key to keeping it working in good order is to drive it daily even in the winter time just like a car sitting for 1 month is bad and using the right oil is key

so if you want a good kit ask your self is speed the main thing you want or long lasting
well they do the same thing but the 48cc kit can do the same thing but on a 80cc kit after break in always put a 36t gear on it reason that engine will break from the high rpms it puts down

well also if you want a kit i'll sell you one for 200$ you pick 48-80 and that will be with shipping cost in it

is my spelling correct for once Z?
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