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Default Re: $200 kit vs. $600 kit - three times better?

I dearly love my 2 strokes, I really do. But the 4 stroke is IMHO, a joy on top of the joy. Less vibration and noise. Just a different world. But ChinaGurls are sexier. Is a personal choice. Have to ride both to form an opinion.

Way I see it.

Weight to bang 2 stroke (but you have an engine)
Cost, 2 stroke cheaper.
Ease of mounting, 2 stroke.
Ascetics, 2 stroke

Noise, 4 stroke hands down.
Vibration, 4 stroke hands down.
Ease of fueling, 4 stroke
Fuel economy, 4 stroke

Enjoying the ride and not making folks mad, priceless. 4banger

Just my thinking and ride both before you decide.

Can DIY for a little more then a 2 stroke with a 4 stroke. All about what you want and makes you happy
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