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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Put new brake levers on the Kulana, differnt rear wheel with new tube and tire, replaced the 28T sprocket with my Kings 34T because the 28T was just a bit small, I could only get 43.7 mph with the 28T and my bike is actually faster with the 34T, I put a sbp high flow air filter on the NT speed carb, added my recently ordered pocket bike expansion chamber, put my old Stewart Warner mechanical speedometer on the bike and last but not least, I put the 6.0 Fred Head on the engine that has been sitting in a box since last year....... all I can say is wow.... this engine absolutely came alive when I switched from the Puch hi hi 70cc head over to the 6.0Fred Head.... this aint snake oil people, this engine is screaming now.... its actually so fast its a little scary..... I'll have to GPS the top speed to see what it is but my speedo was bumping off of 48-49 MPH this thing is pulling harder from low down through wot top speed..... im so dang impressed with the differwnce the Fred Head and that little chamber has made, I attribute most of the increase to thw Fred Head..... if you ever doubted the differwnce a Fred Head makes all I can say is try one and you'll know what he means when he says a head with proper squish band makes a big difference.... the Puch head actually had a smaller. Ombustion. Hamber but the Fred head is designed to work right on the china gile and it does..... im very impressed...!

I also added a new set of clutch pucks since the old ones were slipping under hard throttle and added a new locking clutch lever....

Got some other parts and pieces in the mail from juicemotoparts and some parts from thatsdax, after mowing 1.5 acres of yard this morning I spent the rest of the day doing mods to the Kulana bike and then took a 12 mile ride late this evening, it was a fun but tense ride since the bike is running the speeds it is now.... cruising at 35-40 was effortless.

I have to say that if you have the extra few bucks and want some real bolt on performance the Fread Head is a real performance add on, of course having clean ports, a well tuned carb and an overall good running engine to begin with will allow you to see the biggest performance increase, my engine is a GenIV Dax lower with cleaned and enlarged ports in the jug, the better balance of the dax GenIV really makes a difference in my opinion.

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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