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Default Re: Wet weather riding ???

Originally Posted by Henshooter View Post
Unfortunately due to the area I live when it rains it does so for days at a time and constantly ,no breaks whatsoever ,apparently because we get costal cold winds that meet inland hot winds directly over the city and with this comes constant drizzle ,it's annoying because it's not a heavy rain ,it's the light type where it's not so bothersome but stand in it for 15 mins and you get soaked without noticing ,and cold ,damn it's cold rain ,it makes your extremities go numb
That sounds a bit like what we deal with here in Vancouver.. we go for weeks sometimes with it varying from that light rain you describe to what I would call rain without it ever actually stopping. (Unfortunately there's also no sign of the sun for weeks at a time here, as well). They call it rain here, even though it would take 15 minutes standing in it to get wet. Where I grew up, we called it "Skeeter (mosquito) piss".

Originally Posted by Theon View Post
When I use to do forest night walks for a job, we would often get wet.
One night in torrential rain with two pretty young Canadian girls, the rain was so heavy that it was impossible to speak normally over the noise, As a bit of a joke, I lent in to the prettiest girls ear as you would in a night club to talk over the music, and said" And who's idea was this anyway?"
She replied with " Oh, this is great!", I looked a little puzzled, She continued "If we were in Canada we'd all have hypothermia by now."
I wonder where they were from.. when we lived in southern Ontario, I used to love the summer storms.. they'd come up quickly when the warm and cold fronts met and there would be rain as you describe (so hard you couldn't see the hood of the car you were sitting in). Actually that's one thing I really miss out here. I think in the 6 1/2 years we've lived here I've seen two, maybe three thunderstorms.


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