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Default Re: Intermittent 4 stroking

Originally Posted by Theon View Post
I would probably put the needle back to were it was and try a different heat range on your plug.
Theon ,Theon ,Theon you are a champion my friend , I decided to swap up the plug to one that was a better heat range (well according to the sales guy , I wouldn't have a clue) gapped it to .25 with my sp gapper and damned if she doesn't miss a single beat now , belle now runs like the first day I cranked her up again ( I swear I've said that 20 times now).

It has shown me the lesson of how different each and every chinagirl motor is , my last build was called horse and acted as such , he just needed regular feeding ,the occasional brush down and general health care , every morning he started up and worked , damn hard at that too .

Belle my latest build is sweet and subtle and most of all delicate , the smallest of issues and she gets upset and won't cooperate , she has asked for a regular clean and polish , and if I don't give her daily attention she gets disgruntled and behaves badly .
SHE is definately a she and as such requires a finesse of attention that horse didn't give two hoots about , admittedly I miss horse like heck and on foresight wish I hadn't sold him but there comes a time when we must part with our builds and horse is now happily running a young bloke to and from work every day.

Sorry for the rant but I have just realised this revelation
Regards Henshooten
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