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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
I alway put a thin skim of either rtv gray or rtv black silicone all the way around intake tube, I push carb onto tube with float bowl pointing outward and then when the carb is seated all the way up on tube I twist carb into place, this willl cause the thin skim of silicone to be forced into the slots between the petals and completely seals them so when carb is tightened down this is almost zero chance of an air leak between carb and intake tube, been doing it this way since my first build in 2009 and never had one leak yet, and as a matter of fact, when I've had to take any of my carbs off, the silicone stays in the slots and then I just slide it right back on and retighten and it is resealed as good as before, I didnt think of this myself and its been so long Icant remember who had told me that they did theirs this way back when I was a new member of this forum but it was someone of the forum who suggested I do it this way because it was an excellent technique to make sure there would not be an air leak in that area, worked great and I've done it on every single china girl I've used the NT carb on since, the gray works great and is virtually invisible because it blends right in with the aluminum color of the carb and once it is set up fuel has no effect on it and unless the carb is leaking never gets any fuel on it anyway.

Just another one of those simple little technique s than can prevent a problem....

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