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Default Re: Wet weather riding ???

Henshooter... for riding gear have you looked at the sort of outerwear that traffic flaggers use for bad weather? I have no idea how common or hard-to-find that sort of thing is there, around here there are easily a dozen places that sell that sort of gear (and hi-vis vests, etc).

Beyond that, all I can recommend to you is to seal everything up the best you can, and keep a cover of some kind over the bike when it isn't locked up inside (or sheltered) somewhere. Oh, and when sealing the mag make sure you put a glob of sealant into the space between the wires where they come out of the housing or water will wick down them and right into the mag. I put the end of the tube of silicon/RTV sealant into the white "sheathing" and squeeze a blob in from the inside of the housing, then do the same from the outside (and of course spread a good glob around the outside of the sheathing so it seals between it and the casing also).


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