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Default Re: Wet weather riding ???

Originally Posted by Theon View Post
Mate, I didn't hear about your car being written off, that sucks!
The car I have identified that the person who attacked me was in belongs to a 'hi profile' local! He was not the one who attacked me, it was a mate of his.
Have not seen him at the bar for 8 weeks now, when he use to be a regular.
Not sure what to do about it, as I think the cops have just gone 'too hard'.
No point 'beating it out of him' as I will likely just get sued.
But karma has a funny way!
Yep idiot doing 80 in a 40zone on his mobile phone ,didn't notice my wife pulling into my driveway and hit the car at full speed ,luckily Lisa was ok and being she is 4 months pregnant I was pissed big time but luckily bub and mum are fine.

That sux with being attacked mate but I totally agree ,from lessons learned myself karma has her ways of back handing with vengeance and it usually doesn't fair well for the guilty party

Hope all goes ok my friend and you heal up good

Take care of yourself
Regards Sean
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