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Default Many questions

I figured the general discussion thread would be good for many different questions.

How would i go about making my own boost bottle kit and if i do so, can i just drill a hole into the stock carburetor mount and thread in one of those fuel line connectors? (i have a boost bottle on the way, i just don't know when it will be here because the site i bought it from refuses to give me any tracking info)

If i go through with the homemade one, what size should the bottle be and what material?

Has anyone tried mounting lager carburetors on these motors? Like say, the one that comes with a KDX 200 or a KTM 250? I can always have a new mount machined for it.

do they make quarter throttles for these motors? I used to do hill climbing and i got quite comfortable with my quarter throttle. it was less stressful on my wrist when we would go out riding for 5-6 hours.

thanks guys.
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