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Default Re: Wet weather riding ???

I'm here regularly,
Preping for a coming cyclone today! so more rain to come, It's usually nice weather before the cyclone, as if it's to the north it sucks everything out to it. But when the rain does come, often you can't even drive in it, let alone ride.
My Jaw has recovered,
I think I have identified the car involved, but still no real help from the cops *$#&^$^&%$
Mate I don't ride in the rain, I got a Landcruiser for that!
I'm a fair weather rider.
I only ride for a good strap, shops and what not are to far away.
I spend far more time 'playing' with my bikes than actually riding them.
And it's way to hot up here to get dressed up in all that fancy wet weather gear.

How you going on building your self a 'racer'?
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