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Default Over Torqued head bolts =( please help ASAP

I was out riding and of course 4 miles from my home I try to tighten my bolts since it sounded like it was loose, and felt it. You know like the power is weak, like before I first tighten them.

Then I over tightened the bolts, and snapped/stripped two of them. When I tighten no matter how much I ratchet, the bolts get a little tight then slip loose. I tried to run the motor with them as tight as possible but of course it shook loose, and gave 0 power. When I got home, I managed to get the bolts out all the way, and looked inside the holes best I could and couldnt see any broken stem. I could be wrong, I am not a vet at motors yet, still a journeymen/novice.

What are my options? Can I buy a slightly larger bolt and maybe it holds better?

I see people say to use a heli coil, and tapping the holes. I dont know what tapping really means, so if someone can briefly jist that up I would appreciate it.

What size heli coil kit should I get if I need it?

I appreciate the help guys, I feel like im going crazy with this thing. I swear my next build will be a perfect smooth ride, with all this F'ing up im doing atleast Ill know what not to do!
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