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Default Re: Resistance while clutch is pulled

Originally Posted by GearNut View Post
I have, yeah, a couple of weeks ago, but I kind of stopped paying attention when I got to the bit about 'Unscrew flower nut 1/2 to 1 turn out, '. If it said '180 degrees' I would have followed it more clearly, but a 'turn' doesn't really mean anything to me - a 90 degree turn is quite a sharp bend, for example, but a 180 degree turn is a hairpin. What's 'half a turn'? I haven't a clue. I just decided to live with what the engine came with, instead of potentially having it lock up on me because I did something wrong!
I'm guessing 'half a turn' is a little more specific to you. Maybe it's an engineering thing, or a US vs UK thing, I'm unsure. How do you interpret it? I'll just go with your explanation if you understand it! x
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