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Default Re: Resistance while clutch is pulled

I kept having to tighten my flower nut at first, and then when I rode awhile, it would loosen up and the clutch would start tightening at first when it got warmed up, and not wanting to disenguage, but then often really bad by the time I got home-

It was frustrating because I didn't really know what was causing it, and it gradually went away. I must've tightened the nut a half dozen times, and theres a lock screw that keeps it from turning itself. Hadn't ever happened on a couple of other motors. The good news is that it doesn't take long, but taking the cover off got old..

If you can turn it by hand once you take the lockscrew out I think it's too loose the, but I'm no clutch expert. I think the pads wearing in may have had somethinhg to do with it- but generally not a normal thing.

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