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Default Re: Resistance while clutch is pulled

I'm still a little skeptical. My bike isn't exactly light, but if I'm standing to the side of and pushing while I'm pulling the clutch in, the back wheel can sometimes skid instead of rolling - that's how bad this resistance is!

I lubed my chain with this:
(Note - it's not normal WD40). I'm assuming there are much better products to lube the chain with, but I didn't want to go ahead and use the chain lube I have for my CBR600, because I'd imagine it would make this problem a lot worse. That stuff is practically glue!

Originally Posted by Nashville Kat View Post
Get a 415 Industrial/Trike chain on ebay or Amazon- about $15 shipped i think-
the same 415 width and pitch, but the plates are shorter vertically
I saw a lot of different 415 chains on amazon. 415H, 415S, all kinds of shapes and sizes.
I bought a chain that weighed almost half of what mine weighed, that was listed as '415' on amazon, so let's hope it was what you were talking about!
Also, you mentioned 'adjusting' the flower nut, but that's a little less specific than I'd hope. Are you suggesting I tighten it or loosen it?
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