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Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
I hears of other that were concerned about running 100:1, but the fact is that with Opti2 the engine is better protected at 100:1 than it is with many other oils at a lot richer oil mix, I been running Opti2 since 2010 and many others on this forum have been running it even longer than I have not to mention the rental companies that have used it for many many years without one single oil related failure, I say run what you want but Opti2 is an excellent oil that can very safely be used at its recommended mix of 100:1.

It has proven itself for many yeara so I run it with confidence and it hasnt let me
Down a single time and all my 2 stroke engines are run on it and they all run great, almost no smoke and they have great power.

Hope you have great results with the Klotz, they make a good product but for me I'll stick with the beat oil I've ever used.

That's a pretty bold statement. Now I don't doubt that at the same ratio it will lubricate better than other oils, . But I refuse to believe it will lubricate better than other oil running at 40:1 vs opti 100:1, cheap oil maybe, but definitely not the oil I run. Especially without hard physical evidence or test data. Yes opti has been around for a long time, and I'm not a hater. There's just no way that opti 100:1 would outlast a good synthetic at 40:1. Especially if well taken care of. And opti is only for lower hp engines. One more time just for the record. I don't hate opti, and you are a well respected member of this forum, that statement just grinds my gears.
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