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Default Re: inconsiderate worthless POS driver who should be executed slowly

Ya riding in traffic is scary. I have no fear on my motorcycle, but on my motorbike not so much. You know I have turned in fellow motorist's to local police. You need the make, model, and year of the vehicle, license plate number of course, and a description of the driver. You will have to write a statement too. The cops should pay the other motorist a visit...
On another note one night a guy on a scooter passed me on the right hand shoulder and smacked the mirror of my Jeep. He than cut right in front of me and made a left turn into an apartment complex. I shot in right behind him and hit a poop load of speed bumps. I finally caught up to him at a traffic light a mile or so down the road. He claimed he had no idea that he hit my mirror. I told him that he rides like a moron and needs to slow down and have respect for traffic. He took off and flipped me the bird.
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