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Default Wet weather riding ???

Hey guys
Well living in Melbourne Au when that time of the year comes around where Jack Frost of Au works his magic it's usually a tad warmer than certain places in the world ,see we get rain and a **** of a lot of it .
Well it's finally here and it's been pouring down for two days straight which as you can imagine isn't conducive of a good riding experience .
I'm yet to purchase a good set of wet weather riding gear although I've got a set ,it's mainly for fishing and as such has a particular perfume not to welcome by fellow riders or store patrons .
This got me thinking though ,we have been in a drought for the last few years and although I somewhat see the rain as a blessing I've never had to prep my kit for wet weather riding because it's not been wet enough to warrent it but the current conditions aren't to conducive to an enjoyable ride and the roads are as slippery as a greased up monkey, despite this I'm still obliged to do the regular run to the store.

Now I've thought about soaking the seals with a squirt of wd40 or a bead of either wax or silicon but am not really sure how I properly prepare my motor for running in this very wet weather.

How do you guys do it that live in the wet and cold snowy conditions ,I can imagine it would be a must to do or motor or magnito failure would be high .

I'll include a great photo of a storm that passed through a while ago that was mean as and feel free to post a pic of your weather conditions .

Regards Henshooter

Any advice or help regarding how to prep my cruiser for very wet conditions would be great
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