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Default Re: Resistance while clutch is pulled

Have you tried adjusting the flower nut under the clutch cover?-
it should be fairly tight-
I've got a 50 cc now I had to keep adjusting, and it kept going tight again- finally gradually less-

and when you do, make sure the cable is tight and the end adjusters screwed all the way in- so you can screw them out and tighten the line if it keeps going loose-

I raced USCF for 14 years, and was first really concerned with the pedal resistence-

it DOES seem to lessen as the motor breaks in- but it really sounds like you need to adjust the flower nut- use the search engine here for more info if you need it. Skinny tires count peddaling and so I like 700 c wheels, but you can get 26" tires down to 1.5 or even 1.25 width

and one other REALLY BIG improvement to pedalling:
Get a 415 Industrial/Trike chain on ebay or Amazon- about $15 shipped i think-

the same 415 width and pitch, but the plates are shorter vertically-

they weigh almost HALF as much, but more importantly they ROLL much easier

for your peddaling and for the tiny motor's powering too.
You'll hear a quieter difference too.

I've run them for several years now street riding without failure

The Boygofast chain breaker will likely not fit-
tho I still have plans to grind the pin slightly cause it's too fat.

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