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Thumbs up Brake lever as Chain tensioner or Pizza Cutter

Hi Guys and Gals,

I have the shifter kit, and noticed that the chain on the left side can sometimes touch the crankcase at the lower part where a bolt goes through. So I needed a chain tensioner that would not affect the alignment of the jackshaft. I have an old shifter which I removed because I'm now using an internal gear hub. I also have brake levers. So I disassembled one of the sprockets on my old shifter and tried fitting it into one my old brake levers. And viola!!! instant chain tensioner. It fits so perfectly together... Oh yeah, it does look like a pizza cutter... who knows... maybe you can also use it to cut pizzas...

I used 2 pieces of 3.5" Hose Clamps to mount it. Now, the chain rolls sooooooooo smoooooth. Oh yeah!!!

I also inserted nylon tubing into the hose clamps so it would not ruin the paint on my seat tube.

I also inserted 4 washers or spacers to align the sprocket with the chain.

With this tensioner it will also enable you to install bigger sprockets on the jackshaft for more torque...

BTW, better ask Paul or Ghost of SBP before installing. It may void your warranty...

I think this chain tensioner can be used in many ways and not only on the shifter kit.

So? what you think? Chain tensioner or Pizza Cutter? or both?
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