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Default Re: Resistance while clutch is pulled

There will always be some parasitic resistance (drag) even with the clutch properly adjusted and disengaged. The bike will never be able to be pedaled as easily as if it had no engine. A chain that is too tight will add to the drag too. 1/2 to 3/4" of slack is recommended. Also you'll want to assure all parts are well lubricated.

Sorry, it's just the nature of the beast and a combination of friction and moving masses that are not there if the bike isn't motorized. The chain, sprockets, clutch cross shaft and other parts such as the clutch actuating components are all moving when the bike rolls and the chain is attached. Add all of them together and you get the resistance you feel when pedaling with the engine off and the clutch disengeged.

I don't have a link but there is one option available that allows disengeging the rear hub from the sprocket but it requires you stop and pull pins. It can't be done on the fly.

Then there are those who pedal more than they rely on engine power. They remove the chain completely and store it until needed. Of course that requires seperating the chain by use of a master link. Dirty work and again, can't be done without stopping.

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