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Default Resistance while clutch is pulled

Hi folks,
I've been riding my motor bicycle for a few months now, and while I really enjoy it, there's one thing which is bothering me. It's bothering me specifically because I don't see other people on these forums talking about it.

The problem is the freewheel while I'm pulling the clutch. It's awful.

I've ridden motorbikes for years, so I'm completely familiar with the HUGE difference between a neutral gear, and just holding the clutch in. That is, I expected significant resistance when I had the engine completely off, and the peg in the clutch lever. I *can* ride the bike 'without engine' in this manner, but it's a *lot* harder. Like a brake is constantly slightly on.

I know the first replies will probably be trying to establish whether my clutch is properly adjusted, so I want to pre-empt that and say that I've tried adjusting the clutch loads of times. I think I have it just about perfect now, but whatever I try (even ridiculously tight so that it's completely engaged even when not being pulled!), I still get this resistance.
Also, I can pull the clutch and have the engine idle perfectly while the bike is standing still.

As I said, I expected the bike to be a lot harder to pedal, because I'm turning a tight chain attached to a small sprocket in the engine, but the resistance *is* a little higher than I even expected, and I'm wondering whether this issue can be fixed since I've seen nobody else here comment on it. In fact, I read people saying things like:
with the clutch lever pulled & locked with the button, the bike should roll easily just as though the was no engine - if it doesn't, adjust your clutch & cable
Which is so totally different to my experience.

Can anyone offer any insight into this? Is your bike noticeably harder to pedal when you fully pull the clutch and aren't using the engine?
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