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Default Hi, from the UK!

Hi folks,
Thought it's about time I posted an introduction here. I've been lurking for months, and PMed a few members with a few specific questions, but before I went ahead and posted a topic I felt I should do the good thing and offer an introduction.

I'm from the midlands, UK. I've been riding motorbikes for about 10 years, and I've been riding a converted bicycle with a 66cc engine kit for about 2 months. I absolutely love it! My mechanical experience with modern sports bikes has always been hair-pulling, everything I ever try seems to fail to fix the issues, etc. With the bicycle conversion, though, everything I do seems to work perfectly, first time!

My bicycle is 'stealthed' with a makeshift plastic fairing to disguise the presence of the engine, and the petrol tank is mounted behind the seat, to make the fact that the bike is motorized impossible to tell if it's not running. I was a little concerned that restricting the airflow to the motor might cause problems, but so far it's been healthy!

Ok, that's me. Done.
~Sylph x
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