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Default Re: Added good springs to my saddle.

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
You're telling you age, Bob. When seat springs become important.....

You betcha! I can remember thirty years ago or so when I was a real purist on saddles. It had to be the narrowest I could find with no padding. I didn't want a wide seat 'interfering' with my hip movement and I didn't want padding absorbing my effort. And, for that matter, I could get used to any seat.

Now I can get used to a lot of seats. But not all. And as far as wider seats interfering with movement? Ha! Let it interfere. I gotta be comfortable.

Something else has happened, too, in the half-decade or so since I passed 50 yrs old. I notice that my average speed, pedaling a regular bicycle, is getting low. And some of the really bad hills, the ones that non-bicyclists don't ride on at all, used to leave me breathing pretty hard. Now they're leaving me gasping so badly that I grow a bit alarmed.

It could be that my serious bicyclist days are numbered. What a shame.

But thank goodness I found motorized bikes before it was too late, huh?
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