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Question Re: Greetings from Omaha,NE

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
If you don't have a garage why not a big, big chain and padlock? Run it through the frame and wheels then lock it to something immovable like a balcony railing or sign post.
Master Lock has a bicycle lock that looks like a set of old leg irons. It uses a chain that looks like bike chain but is about two inches thick. This lock is pricy but supposed to be secure.
Some guys have built a bicycle sized shed to house their bikes but you'd need approval of the apartment owner/manager for that. Good luck.
lol thats practically what i have, the problem is the thieves i guess are pissed off it's not a easy theft and are taking it out by taking parts off the moped. I also remember when i was using a traditional bicycle about a year ago i had someone come up and steal the sensor for my bike computer right infront of my bank.
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