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Default Re: Some great grips for vibration

Those look nice, I been using the inexpensive foam grips I get at my local bike shop, they're a thick cushy foam grip that stays cool and comfortable and at $3 a pair I can have a nice cushy grip for all my bikes for cheap cheap cheap... and they also do a great job cutting down the felt vibes in the bars to a supper low amount, q nice comfortable grip is nice to have on a motorized bike....

There ya go hating on the china girl bikes again!

Just imagine what this forum would be like if it was called! You and about 8-10 others could type back and forth all day and night about your batteries and how quick they run down and how often you have to plug it back in and wait for hoirs before you can ride a few miles and back so you can charge the batteries again repeat repeat!

Not hating on electrics because its all about what someone wants but Ill take my. Hina girl powered bike over any ele tric I've ever seen or heard of any day.... just the same way I wouldnt own an electeic Harley even if they made one..... something about the smell, noise.... and the feel of the engine buzzing through the frame..... but hey... some people feel like a champ in a Prius and aome of us would much rather have a 69 Camaro with loud pipes a 4 speed standard tranny hooked up to a 427 big block.....

Peace bro.... but give me the china girl vibea and the fun of tinkering with them to make them the best they can be......put the ele tro bike in the ahop and pull out those china girls and go rip up the!


I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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