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Default In the world a rarity, in Malaysia unheard of

Peace to all,

You know, the world is bogged in habits and laws. One habit says drink to drown your problems and you drink ... and drown. One law says bicycles cannot have engines. That's it, all the paperwork you have to fill and payments you have to hand over before you can change over from push only to push and put-put. In the end your original intention to have some fun has expired by the time you undo the tangle. Sigh. Like dinosaurs who refused to adapt or accommodate and paid the price, authorities everywhere who go around plonking their weight on puny contraptions like a bike which can put-put to justify their sinecures will kill one healthy and peaceful branch of human activity giving all the space to actions which do violence to both humans and the environment.

So here I am tapping a spanner on my palm mulling what to do with my sense of fun dripping out of my ears. All doors - legal and technological - are shut in my face. No funny bikes here in Malaysia, and what's this, add an engine? You've gotta be out of your mind! Not to say wrong country.

And so that's the way it is, I want to get outta my mind and into the world of motor-assisted cycling and see a bit of the world on it.

First step, stopping by here to see what's cooking.

Cheers, fellas.

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