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LOL @ THROW A CHUCK KEY!, BA. Caused myself a near code brown a time or 3 with that one.

The new QCTP (quick change tool post) came today. Really nice and well made. Little Machine shop, so really well packaged. Really like them folks. I had ordered one set that was on sale and it would have been a bad fit. Could have been done but they took the time to let me know and saved me some hair pulling.
That, and this one was also sale and just went back up 25 bucks.
(I have nothing to do with them folks. I'm just a customer. Or if you ask them, a really, really annoying customer)

Really crazy thing about this tool. It always needs tools. Next is a 4 jaw chuck and have to fab a table for the mill component.
Didn't, dang come with one or a way to reach the table. not kidding.
worst apocalypse ever

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