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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

This was yesterday but oh well......

I made up a 28T sprocket to go on the Kulana bike, I also made up a new exhaust flange and even though the rond part makes it look like it doesn't it actually is well port matched to the exhaust port on the jug, it is tapered on top and bottom of the hole as it goes into the round tubing and the same width as the port, the sprocket center was cut out with my torch, it isnt a super clean and perfect cut but it looks fine after I mounted it on wheel, my less than perfect edge of the cut isnt very noticeable and plenty good enough for me...LOL

I dont have pixs took yet, but I also did several other things to the Kulana bike, I installed the new 1/4-20 studs on back of engine, I painted engine flat black with high heat wood stove paint, added a couple stickers to side covers, put the set of springer forks on the front of bike that I bought last year that are set up for V brakes, added ape hanger bars on the bike which are much more comfortable than the drag bars I had on it, put different tires on the bike, theye are a Kenda Cross type tire that I have had verty good service out of on the Huffy karaoke "Huffy Davidson" bike, easy rolling tires with great side grip on dirty and grass, I added a 7 speed thumb shifter instead on the twist shifter that was on the bike... I love that for sure, I rejetted an NT Speed carb and put on the Dax GenIV, put on a new clutch cable and made up new brake cables from good USA made cable cases that have a slick teflon lining so that work real smooth, I put a set of Vintage Wienman Gold Dot brake levers on the bike also, I really like the way they look but I'll have to replace them with V brake levers because the leverage just isnt right and my brakes aren't nearly good enough when using those levers, they work great on caliper type brakes but not on the V brakes i found out, I did a few other odds and ends like cut my chain down to work with the 28T sprocket so the bike has no idler tensioner, I took the bike for it maiden run at around 10:00PM last night to see how the 28T sprocket feels on the 26" wheel pulling me down the road, good cruise speed at low RPMs for sure, didnt air it out since living in the country we have deer everywhere out here at night, I'm not sure if this size will be what I want on the 26" wheel though, time and a few more rides will tell, it may end up on my bike with 24" wheels and the 30T on it my be what I end up with on the Kulana... I'll know before long what I will need to do, but I can tell that the Kulana seems like it gonna have a very nice top cruising speed with the 28T not sure how it will do in a head wind or on a couple of the hills I ride every once in a while.

Anyway I know this was lengthy but that is some of what I done of the Kulana yesterday.

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