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Default Re: Hi my name is john, starting first build with sd stinger and shift kit

Ok heres my update!!!! All my parts are in. The rear wheel is good now that i replaced the cassette. Now the motor and shift kit are together now that i shaved the block. Its all assembled and ready to start. I mixed my fuel to about 18-1. I did run into issuses. The spark plug boot would not connect to the plug for the life of me. I ended up braking the plastic so i unscrewed it and went to a motorsports place and they repleced it with a plug boot from ngk that fit my spark plug. The manual said to unscrew the gold brass tip from the plug but that wouldnt even budge so i left it. I tried riding with the plug out to check for spark...i may have seen one or two weak ones. Another issue wss the clutch would not release to ride normal so i unscrewedthe clutch side and had to adjust that so thats fixed.but it still wont start. Some other issue was the carb was installed upside down at first and i tried starting it i dont know if that would damage anything. I then had clearance issues so i took the air filter housing off and just screwed on the inner plastic piece and filter material. One other thing i did to gain clearance was to flip the intake manifold tube upside down again maybe a bad thing? Any tips guys?
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