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Default An Intro and a First Build

Hello all, to give a little background, I'm new to motorized bicycles but not to motorcycles. I started riding motorcycles around '78, took some years off after high school and got back into riding around 2004. I have a 2004 YZ 250 and a 2009 Yamaha FZ1. This bike is really fun to ride and people wonder why I have a bike that goes anywhere, and another that goes well over 100 mph, did I have to have something like this? They will never understand until they ride it.

I have been wanting to build a motorized bicycle for a few years now and finally decided to get it done. I'm pretty happy with the build so far, I wanted to keep it as simple as possible with a minimalist look.

I found the FITO Modena Sport and unfortunately bought a motor kit before I knew I could buy what I needed as individual parts elsewhere. The next build will be a better quality bike, hopefully a vintage frame. But I didn't want to wait so I got what I got. I am not that impressed with the FITO, I hope it doesn't buckle during riding. It looks good though, IMO

From the bike, I have replaced the chain, tires, tubes, kickstand, grips and seat. From the motor kit, I have replaced the chain, chain tensioner, grips, plug, fuel lines, and kill switch wire covers. And added some sound dampening material to the right side cover. (Aluminum Peel and Seal)

Thanks for having me, I'll be lurking and reading mostly, asking questions some.

  • got it running
  • fitted an old maier number plate to the front for that moto-cross look I'm used to, but what I found is that it acts as sort of windshield that pushes the air down to the exhaust and away from my clothes making me less odorous as I was before the plate
  • replaced the grips with some MX grips, what I'm used to.
  • replaced the kickstand with an old one I found on ebay. It's a little short, but the bike will not fall over even if I fling the handlebars down with considerable force
  • covered the kill switch wires with paracord, wanted to do the throttle and clutch cables, but the cables were too thick

To do:
  • springer fork on the way
  • replace the frame mounted tank with a vintage behind the seat tank setup, I already have a tank, just need to mount it
  • get a new crank to accept the vintage BMX pedals I have
  • probably need better wheels with a set that has a front drum brake
  • performance carb
  • laid back seat post
  • seat springs need beefed up
  • possible lighting solution, or at least a flasher for alerting, not really wanting to ride at night

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