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Default Re: How comfortable is your 'shop' ?

My 'shop radio' is an archaic 'ghetto blaster' type that was found in the corner of the garage under some junk when we moved in. It boasts two cassette decks (one rewinds, but that's the total functionality) and a CD player I've never tried using, based on the condition of the rest of the device. The antennas are broken off and long gone. However it's on the powerbar that my work bench lights are on, so it's on when they are. It stays tuned to the local classic rock station.

One thing I miss about the radio station we listened to in Ontario was something they called the "no repeat work day".. Yep, Mon-Fri 7am-6pm, no repeats allowed. Sure, you might hear (for example) Neil Young three times in a day, but at least it would be 3 different songs, not just different versions or recordings of the same song.
What frustrates me most about the local station is that I'm pretty sure Ozzy recorded more than two albums, I've heard that the Rolling Stones might have more than 4 singles out there... and now due to the length of time it's been around, stuff like Pearl Jam and Nirvana are on the classic rock station.


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