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Default Re: How much money do you spend each month or year on your motorbicycling hobby?

Originally Posted by Henshooter View Post
...Filling up on an electric , now that is a sight for sore eyes , my tank costs about tree fiddy to fill as well except I fill at the gas station and add the oil to the tank ,I know I know you shouldn't do it but I'm a slacker and as such can't be bothered carrying a jerrycan
The taddy usually fills at the station too, if for no other reason then it's a laugh - but she was dry as a bone from winter storage so, gas can it was.

Four stroke, so no botherin' with premix... funny thing is the taddy won't quite take a full gallon so usually it's even less then tree-fiddy, buck-fiddy usually - which gets me dirty looks from the monster truck guys lol

Mongo the ebike ofc asks for nothin' at all save a plug in from time to time, as I've no electric bill... technicalities again
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