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Default Re: How much money do you spend each month or year on your motorbicycling hobby?

Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
Not bad at all Henshooter - but I wasn't really joking, this year to date I've spent a whopping $3.50 on my motorized bicycles & that was only just yesterday... as I needed to fuel up the taddy for the spring season lol

Here's a sight not often seen, an ebike "fueling" at a gas station

On a technicality I've only had two chinagirl builds as my very first was a weed trimmer motor with a roller converted on the drive shaft with a lifter rack , all on a giant atx990 the bike was worth 10 time the price of the weed whacker back in the day

Filling up on an electric , now that is a sight for sore eyes , my tank costs about tree fiddy to fill as well except I fill at the gas station and add the oil to the tank ,I know I know you shouldn't do it but I'm a slacker and as such can't be bothered carrying a jerrycan
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