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Default Re: Anybody name there bike. ;) I know you did.

'Halloween Gal'...for a couple of reasons. It's orange and black and the break in period was done a few days before that holiday. Funny, I never use that name except here on this forum. Usually I just refer to it as "my motorbike".
I've named boats, Tropical Tramp, Illusion, etc, but never named any of my cars. Vehicles seem to display certain gender qualities however. My 1930 Ford sedan is definately male but the motorized bicycle is surely female. Airplanes seem to be a little different for me. I had a beautiful little Cessna 140 that never got a name and I had some very fond feelings for it.
Machines, any kind, can be good or bad. Some are downright evil. I had a 79 Ford van that I wanted to set fire to. It lost two transmissions and had a complete melt down of the main wiring harness; left me stranded in the mountains during a snow storm. I had a name for it but the moderators would boot me out if I typed it here.
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