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Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Oh man! cool. Do lights next. There is a great need

Actually that was the first thing i built for the bike, but some crackhead riped it out along with the origional fuel line. I don't know why they would have done such a thing maybe they needed the line to build a improvised crank smoking device? oh well, guess the next thing to build with it would be a taser unit hooked to a current drop circuit simular to those touch controlled lamp units to give would be theifs a little jolt. =') On the other hand i dont think i really could afford a good defence lawyer incase the little bastard were to sue me over "emotional scaring". Maybe the best bet would be to build a motion sensing stealth alarm discised as birdhouse in the tree i usually secure it to at my apartment complex. ;')

The question i would like to ask you all is what do you guys do to secure your toys?
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