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Default Re: Engine overhaul info

Originally Posted by CarpsCustoms View Post
Hey whats up Dr. Dognuts and 1973 and doing an overhaul as well and i was wondering if you guys had any input for my dilemma. My bikeberry motor has 8mm stud holes, but when i ordered a new crankcase from bikeberry it came with 6mm stud it risky to drill the 6mm's up to 8"s ?????? or should i just send it back and look for a Case with 8mm stud holes instead
This thread is several years old CarpsCustoms so I dont even know if these fellas are still hanging around here, I would contact bikeberry and let them know you need a case with the 8mm stud holes, I have an older engine with the 6mm case and the bolt pattern isn't the same as my 8mm engines, not sure if this is the way all of them are or not but I wouldnt drill and tap that case unless I knew for sure the bolt pattern was the same and before I would consider doing it at all I would first contact bikeberry and tell them I needed a different case than the one they sent you.

Did it list in the description that it had 6mm stud holes? That isn't a very common thing anymore since almost all of the china girl engine now have 8mm studs for the cylinder. has cases and if I remember right boygoesfast on ebay sells just the cases.

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