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Default Re: blown motorized bike carnage!

He has mislead a lot of people concerning his Jaguar cdi unit, I tied the retarded timing jaguar design and it didnt relieve any of the vibea and I lost several mph top speed, its smoke and mirrors....

The HDs Lightening CDI offers the advanced timing like the stock CDI and give the option for using a hotter coil which I have found to do a grwat job on a modified china girl, on a basic ally stock china girl the stock CDI works just fine, the aftermarket stuff is just extra goodies for those who may like something extra on there bike that might offer a slight amount of benefit on a modified engine.

The jaguar hurts performance and this has been proven by several engines built up with good porting and even good balancing by fellas like Fred which also found the Jaguar to be a flop when he tried it on one of his performance built engines.
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