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Default Re: Rear Hub too large for Sproket adapter..PLEASE HELP!

It is somewhat or a myth or misconception that a sprocket adapter prevents stress on the spokes. The spokes are attached to the hub and the rim. They transmit the rotating force from the hub to the rim/tire. Therefore whatever rotates the hub, engine or pedals, that force is then applied to the spokes that in turn apply it to the rim. So your theory that a sprocket adapter will not stress the spokes is 50% incorrect. It will spread the force to all of the spokes as opposed to only one side as a 'rag joint' does, but again I'll submit that once properly installed on a known true wheel with tight spokes that 'rag joint' will perform just fine.

Of course if you are an accomplished machinist and/or have access to a machine shop you can build a sprocket adapter. There have been several seen here made in a home shop/garage.

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