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Default Re: Typical top speed......

I want one of these KTM's so bad I can feel it
A bit pricey for a couple who live pay checks to pay checks, yet not completely unobtainable

Does anyone know what this 49 CC 9 hp bad boy does as a comfortable cruising speed?. also whats top end with a stock bike set up

By cruising speed I mean in its present condition will do 32 MPH
I cruise at 18 - 22 mph at least every time I look down at the speed o that's where it is

Like the other guy said in an earlier post here Id like to have my cruising speed upped a bit to say 30 - 33 mph with out feeling like I'm riding a supercharged jack hammer on wheels

I think this is the same motor Goat Herder is using but I'm not sure
HEY Goat herder ... do you have any more pics of that beautiful machine of yours ? Please!!!& Thank you either way

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