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Default Re: Paint Job Progress

Thanks, Paul.

It was an all-rattle-can job. I wish I had a spraying setup. Gotta be less fumes and more paint choices like epoxies and urethanes. And better control than cans that spit if you try to run them too low or don't shake enough.

Still, it came out very nice (and I'm very picky). Took about a half can primer, half can of gold for base coats, a little more than a can of red x-metals (about 4 coats), and a couple cans of clear. The gold and primer was old stuff in my cabinet. Someone gave me the red. I bought the clear. If I had to buy it all today it would maybe come out to 15 bucks in paint. Not bad.

I thought I would finish reassembling today. Didn't happen. Not even just the bike without motor. Bike's almost done. Looks better with every part you put back on it.

Will post pics.
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