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Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Man! that is horribly sad about the lathe. (book idea) Could you imagine what has been made on it over the years and what those parts & pieces ended up doing or effected? Har, really could be a O'henry or King novel. "The evil Lathe" Makes bushings but damns yer soul.... Or a Disney version; "Herbie the love Lathe" A 1960s rockus comedy about a boy and his dreams of becoming a champion machinist and is helped along the way by a lathe that magically comes to life...
Well, as that particular tool never demanded a blood sacrifice of me and seemed to happily aid in tinkering toys I'd go with the Disney version on this 'un... although from time to time it was known to throw a chuck key across the room in a fit of frustration caused by it's silly, forgetful operator - but it really couldn't be blamed for such

Moto... this is Maine tho... hmm...

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