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Originally Posted by BarelyAWake View Post
$20,000 bushing Dan? lol

...may the good lathe rust in peace *bows head*
No kidding BA, I have dreams about starting a thread that is titled, "the $20,000 bushing is done" (it was 17K and is still expletive rising!) Snork. Think it is more, now it is a thing and just want this quest over and done with.
Be a great movie. "if you build it, no one will care that much" lol, needs work.

Man! that is horribly sad about the lathe. (book idea) Could you imagine what has been made on it over the years and what those parts & pieces ended up doing or effected? Har, really could be a O'henry or King novel. "The evil Lathe" Makes bushings but damns yer soul.... Or a Disney version; "Herbie the love Lathe" A 1960s rockus comedy about a boy and his dreams of becoming a champion machinist and is helped along the way by a lathe that magically comes to life.....

LOL I should find a 12 step program or a hobby. Wait, I really can't afford another hobby.
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